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Vrahkarni is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic plant that is still used today as an herbal tonic. It is also used as a botanical means to support a healthy body's immune system and natural energy, vitality and cerebral health (as in mild memory loss associated with ageing). Vrahkarni may also provide herbal support for Healthy pulmonary system (lungs) and central nervous system. Given the complications of modern life, it is difficult to avoid stress. Nonetheless, stress could be managed or reduced naturally with anti-stress herbs such as Withania somnifera or Vrahkarni. Vrahkarni supplement contains the finest quality Withania somnifera that can help you to manage your stressful life.

Benefits :

Vrahkarni is one of the wonder herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.
Vrahkarni can be used by both men and women, Vrahkarni acts to calm the mind and promote sound, restful sleep.
Vrahkarni works as an adaptogen, promoting the body's ability to maintain homeostasis and resist stress, which prevents or minimizes imbalances that may lead to health problems, whether from poor diet, lack of sleep, mental stress.
Vrahkarni helps the body to tackle various types of stress.
Vrahkarni is a revitalizing herb that maintains proper nourishment of the tissues.
Vrahkarni increases resistance to stress.
Vrahkarni also used in diabetes, and premature aging.
Vrahkarni root contains the best nutrients for hypothyroidism.
Vrahkarni also used
To improves physical endurance
As a good natural nutrient for insomnia
As a good nutrient and hormonal function for thyroid
To regulates and stimulates thyroid
For anxiety
For sex Libido
As an adaptogen
To relieves pressure and hypertension
As a well-built rejuvenative.
As used for arthritic pain relief
As anti-inflammatory
To decrease high cholesterol levels
To enhances mind functions
100% Vrahkarni Standardized Extract is A unique herb with anti-stress adaptogenic action that promotes better physical fitness and helps to cope with life's daily stress. It is helpful in stress related disorders such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and general debility. The word Vrahkarni literally means "the sweat of a horse" indicating that one who takes it would have the strength and sexual vitality of a horse.