Aug 18th – Dec 15th – private home practical piano lesson

Lagos, LA

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Hi fellow music lovers

Become the keyboard/piano player that you have always want to be,
we teach the secrets on how to play piano/keyboard in a very easy, practically and understanding way, with our lesson you can be able to play any type of songs and genre of music you have always want to play,

We offer keyboard/piano training lessons on how to play by ear for beginners, intermediate and advance players Learn how to play professionally without being bound to reading sheet
What does it mean to 'play by ear'? The common usage of the phrase 'playing by ear' comes directly from musicians who play piano/keyboard and any other instruments without reading or memorizing music. Because these musicians play according to what they remember and hear, they are said to be 'playing by ear'...and that's a very accurate description.
Such musicians are able to predict the rhythm, chords and melody that will probably occur within the next few seconds of whatever tune they're playing; our lesson focuses exclusively on teaching our students how to play by ear, without reading music, by predicting upcoming chords likely to occur over the next several seconds.
This is the skill that will get you playing quickly, will provide you with hours of daily playing enjoyment, and will give you a lifetime of musical FUN! We have over 17years experience in playing and training,
Over the years we have trained lots of musicians i.e for those who have always like to play in their your homes, for music pleasure, stage performances, studio sessions,Gospel and any type of music you would like to learn.

I am confident that we can Bravo School Of Music can help you too. Fees are very affordable to accommodate anyone who wants to participate. we offer private home lessons where ever you stay around Lagos area we can come to you,, Our training runs during the week and weekends to accommodate students, workers and business people who wants to participate in the lessons, and we also train kids from 5years and above

Below is one testimony from one of our student
I learned more toward understanding the keyboard /piano in one night, than in 8 years of music lessons. This is really great. You make it fun, entertaining and very worthwhile. Good Teacher!"

Give us a call or send us a whatsapp for more info on 08051981981 or 08099001050