Jan 15th – Mar 29th – Kick Start Your Career As A Software Developer In 2019

Opebi, LA

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This training comes with some special modules such as Version Control using Git, Software Engineering and Career Services. These aim at arming you with all the skills you need in your software development journey ...

In this course, you will learn how to create dynamic and interactive websites using either PHP or Python , you also learn how to manage databases too. You will go from building mere websites to web applications by learning how to authenticate users, manage sessions, manage emails, manipulate files, validate forms, develop APIs, connect to web services and other advanced topics in PHP or Python

This course takes a deep dive into building interactivity into your application through Ajax and many more. You will be taught the concept of Model-View-Controller using Laravel framework (if you opt for PHP) or Flask Framework (if you choose Python). You will be required to build your own application using all the things you have learnt.

The Modules that will be covered are:

HTML, CSS and building Responsive Web Designs
Javascript and Jquery
Database Modeling and MySql Database handling
PHP/ Python programming
Software Engineering
Version Control and other software Development Tools ( Git, Slack etc)
Career Services (CV writing, Coaching for Interview etc)
Jan 15, 2019 - Mar 29, 2019
Moat Academy Training Centre 2, Irewole Street, Opebi, Awosika Bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Monday - Friday: 09:00 AM — 03:00 PM

Jan 15th
Mar 29th
2 Irewole Steet, Opebi, Lagos State
Lagos 100281