SPSS and STATA Training (Lagos Combo Offer)

Ikeja Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria
Ikeja, LA

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SPSS and Stata are two powerful statistical packages that provide for data analysis, data management and graphics. This training will enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants to analyse data in a fast, accurate and easier manner by using Stata and SPSS software and will know how to interpret and present authentic results.

The good news – you don't need any previous experience with SPSS and STATA to take this training.

Course Materials

We will make use of training manual, real live data and class practicals to make sure this training is delivered effectively.

Curriculum for This Training

Module 1: Introduction to Statistical Concepts

Descriptive Statistics
Common inferential statistics
The core functions of inferential statistics
Overview of Stata
Module 2: Data Entry, Management, and Manipulation using Stata

Defining and labelling data and variables
Creating, transforming, recoding variables
Generating new variables
Data Entry, Exploring, modification.
Transferring data to/from Stata
Merging and Appending Stata data files (e.g. Excel, SPSS )
Module 3: Output management

Output Management
Tabulating data with Stata
Module 4: Stata Graphics

Basics of Graphing
Customizing Graphs
Exporting a Stata graph
Module 5: Quantitative data analysis using Stata

Frequency Analysis
Cross Tabulation
Analysis of Variance
Regression analysis
T Test
Module 6: Survey data analysis using Stata

Survey Descriptives
Simple Random Sampling Analysis
Impact Analysis
Logistic Regression

Foundational Class on Statistics for Data Analysis
Introduction to SPSS Graphical User Interface/ syntax.
Creating, Importing and Exporting Data.
Data Management in SPSS including inserting variables, recoding variables, applying value labels to variables, handling missing values etc.
Coding of Data in SPSS
Applied Inferential Statistics in SPSS (applied to real life situations).
Transforming Data into graphs, such as histograms, scatter graph, boxplots and more.
Applied Descriptive Statistics: summary tables, cross tabulations, frequencies, correlations etc.
Linear regression applied to real-life situations.
Logistics regression applied to real-life situations.
Independent Samples T-test and Paired Samples T-test applied to real-life situations.
Choosing the appropriate statistical technique to analyze data.
How to interpret results, Including Frequencies, Descriptive, Correlation, regression etc.
How to make policy recommendations based on your findings.
Take-Home Assignments/Projects.


Training Fee Include:
- Course Materials

- Certificate of Training

- Lunch on all Training Days

- SPSS and STATA Software Installation and other quality training resources.

- Access to 10% Discount on our next training (R Programming for Data Science)

- 3 Months Post Training Mentorship.
Course Schedule

This course will be taught over 6 days starting on APRIL 22nd - 27th, 2019

9:00am - 3:00pm each day.

Course Prerequisites

You need to come with your laptop with Windows 7 or higher version.

You should be able to use a computer at a beginner level.

The Course involves class exercises and projects.

You should come with writing notepad and pen.


Request for Payment details, Send Email to: training@datalab.com.ng

For further enquiries on registration Call/WhatsApp Yemi or Feyi - 08139608388, 08038518576.

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