Tasly Ginseng Rh2 capsule

egbe 100265
Lagos, LA


1. Increase immune system and decreases tumor growth
2. Helps reduce tumor side effects by using Radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment quickens physical recovery
3. Prolong life and prevent illness

• Safety: an all natural bioactive and anticancer ingredient from ginseng
• Preciousness: rare monomeric ginsenoside amounting to only 1/100,000 in red ginseng
• Leading technique: biological enzymolysis, which has been applied to increase production by 1,000 times in comparison with traditional extraction techniques and granted the second-class National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress.

Target Groups
• Subhealthy people
• People with low immunity
• People with a family history of cancer
• People just diagnosed with tumor
• Patients about to receive a cancer surgery
• Patients have received surgery for cancer
• Patients undergoing radiochemotherapy
• Patients with acute, serious diseases, advanced cancer
• Patients in convalescence after a cancer surgery

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