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InterNations Community for Expats in Lagos
Lagos, LA

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Ę n lę, hello, ilo la, lafia lau, and a warm welcome to the InterNations Community for expats in Lagos! As the Lagos expat community continues to grow, InterNations and its members are here to help you settle in. Whether you've already received a job offer or you're looking to make the most of Lagos' wealth prospects, you can gain access to a bank of questions that'll make your transition easier. While there is no denying that Lagos' infrastructure varies wildly to that of many other cities worldwide, you can soon find a neighborhood that is ideal for expat living. For example, Yaba and Ikeja on the Lagos mainland are perfect for expats seeking a safe way of life. Once you've gained some experience yourself, help other newcomers to the InterNations Lagos Community and pass on the knowledge..

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